What We Do

We want to raise the awareness and effects of knife crime. Not just for the victim, their family and friends but also for the offender, their family and friends.

We want to create a positive link between the community and the authorities. So people are able to talk to the authorities with confidence about topics such as knife crime, violence and gangs.


The Daniel Kennell Foundation raise money throughout the year to be able to help fund projects within Coventry where it is needed most, whether that be grieving families, support and community groups or youth groups. 

We want to help guide young kids in the right direction, help to keep them off the streets and make them feel safer so they don't need to be carrying knives. 

We raise awareness of the effects of knife crime, we want to tell our story of how the pain doesn't just stop after the incident but is now there for a lifetime leaving a hole that can never be filled.