Promoting positivity and a safer Community 

Did you know that Coventry is listed as the 7th most dangerous city in Europe by WorldAtlas? An organisation that ranks global demographic and socioeconomic problems across the globe. 


With crime continuing to rise there are many positive groups in the area who want to help people and spread positivity across Coventry. Working alongside The Daniel Kennell Foundation are a number of charities and organisations: 


GYM - Guiding Young Minds

Eastern Green Athletic FC

Game On /Go Foundation 

Short Football Longford 





GYM- Guiding Young Minds


GYM Intervention is a confidential service that aims to establish credible, life-altering relationships with vulnerable Children and Young People through delivery of a specialist, holistic service. 


Their cause is to help support young people transform their lives through attitude and behaviour management, encouraging them to overcome difficulties and struggles in life, guiding them through growth and development in a positive way, exposing them to choice and empowering them to become the masters of their own successful journeys.


Their services believes in wealth. Wealth to their team means to be able to be proud of the choices we all make, nurturing our relationships and being considered a good person trying to make a positive effort in a big world. To achieve this wealth, the key components they explore with young people is love, compassion, understanding and willingness. 


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Eastern Green Athletic FC

Eastern Green Athletic FC is a newly formed football team in Coventry. This football team is created to encourage children to stay active and put their energy and focus into something positive. It helps to keep children off the streets and by focusing their energy into a club it keeps them into a routine and entertained.  By playing football it is also extremely good for a child’s development as it encourages an active lifestyle, develops communication skills, enhances team skills and teamwork, helps to stimulate social skills and develop fundamental movement skills.

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Game On /Go Foundation 

GAME-ON Coaching is a sports coaching company that aims to aid the fun and development of all children both in schools and the community. 

Their goal is to teach the children the fundamentals of sports, bring knowledge and passion of sports in an environment of learning and competition that children will enjoy. As well as having fun and meeting friends, they believe that every child should have the opportunity to develop new skills and build confidence that leads to a lifetime of physical activity and wellness.

At GAME-ON we promote attitudes towards being active and healthy. Our sporting clubs are having a significant positive effect on the physical activity of the young people involved. This is contributing to their wellbeing and other aspects of their school and personal life and encouraging families to be active in sports.

Recently GAME-ON have set up their own foundation called ‘The GO Foundation C.I.C’. This is a ‘NO TO KNIFE CRIME’ community football session in association with Game-On. 

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Short Football Longford 

Short Football is a 4-a-side game encompassing skills, technique, dynamic and fast flowing football in it’s own awe inspiring arena. It gives participants the best of fun whilst enhancing skills and abilities to a whole new level. 

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This hashtag is becoming more popular by the day. It began as a small facebook group.

Their aim is about all of us coming together as one, all areas across the country standing together, they are so annoyed that they are constantly being ignored. So they believe that we all act at the same time across the country, we have more of a chance of getting a change/ response. They want violent behaviour to stop and by working together we can achieve this. 

This hashtag has been featured across the United Kingdom, even appearing on BBC news. We all come together and create events in our home towns and do peaceful protests on the about knife crime and violence around the area. The last event held over 40 locations across the company took part in the campaign. This was to remember those who have lost their lives and to promote peace and unity back in the community. So many families have been torn apart by knife crime. There is an increase in knife crime in Coventry, as the crime activity has already doubled.

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Without these amazing charities and organisations, we wouldn’t be where we are now. By working together we WILL make Coventry a safer place and get rid of all the negativity that is surrounding our city. We CAN make this city a positive place that it once was.

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